As for what kind of content, the sky is the limit! No matter what the arrangement, you'll need a membership system to make it work. Global content restriction to restrict entire post types or categories/tags. However you slice it, users pay a fee of some kind to access the content. Membership sites consist of a few major components. Create dedicated login and registration pages for users to access your membership area. Why Create a Members-Only Area? To get started, install and activate the free Paid Member Subscriptions plugin from Finally, you get a bunch of helpful integrations. This blog post features Josh Morley who is the founder of MarketingTheChange, a small digital agency that use its profits to support charities, non-profits and unfunded startups.He’s been designing & marketing websites for the past 4 years, with a focus on WordPress webdesign, online marketing and SEO, PPC, keyword research, link-building and lead acquisition for local business. This saves an option load when not needed. All Rights Reserved. Now, you’re ready to create the different membership levels that users can choose from to access your WordPress members area. On the other hand, WordPress also has private pages. Integrations for WooCommerce and bbPress. Now, users will see your new custom registration form, but they’ll still be able to choose a subscription plan for your WordPress members-only area. If you’re running a WooCommerce store, you can integrate all the core membership area functionality that you saw above with your WooCommerce store, plus some new features. Paid Member Subscriptions is a full WordPress membership plugin, which means you can use it to manage all aspects of your members area. This is also a win for WordPress! Or, you can get a lot more creative than that! If you’re an Elegant Themes member, Divi and our plugins are restricted behind your membership credentials. Step 3: Protect the WordPress post or Page using eMember so only members with the correct permission can see the content of the page. A members-only area is an area on your site that is only accessible by members. Free Version Limitations – Free version only supports PayPal, limits to only 4 membership levels, and does not … You’ll be able to create a WordPress members area using just the free version, but we’ll also touch on what you can do with some of the premium features. Some WordPress form builders have the power to create a membership site all by themselves. These are: You can create these pages like you would any other page – go to Pages → Add New and use a Shortcode block to add the shortcode. But for our purposes today, we're going to assume you want to create a significant members-only area on your site. Let's get started with the basics about members-only areas: Let's be clear on some terms. So for this example, we’ll create content to link to the access rule we created in the last step. This is because there are a few different solutions you can use to make creating a membership site a lot easier. Whether you want to create a simple members area to restrict access to some of your content or you want to get more advanced with content dripping, recurring payments, and more, Paid Member … You can add as many fields as you want to collect extra information from your members: In addition to extra profile information, you can also collect other types of input. I can follow and create a member area on my site now. As you probably know, members only chat room is something that is essential for community engagement, whether a daily chat or once in a while. workflow and architect a masterpiece. You can…. builder with integrated Views. Paid Member Subscriptions has a free version at which we’ll use for most of this tutorial. Automatically renew if the member opts-in. Truth be told, you could build a pretty good members-only area with protected content by using a form builder like ours, Formidable Forms. Many membership sites have a variety of access levels. Members . Step 7. Ready to create your membership site? These pages are in essence hidden from regular users. More flexible prices, with one-time signup fees, free trials, coupons, etc. If users aren’t logged in with the proper subscription plan, you can display a customizable message when they try to view restricted content (or just redirect them to your registration page): To access content in your members area, users can register for an account and choose from free and/or premium access levels that you’ve created: And once they register, members will be able to manage their user profile information and subscriptions from their own front-end account page: That’s a very basic look at what you’ll be building – as we go through the tutorial, you’ll have plenty of options to customize things to meet your needs, including creating a WooCommerce members area on your eCommerce store, more detailed profile pages, and more. You also get other new pricing options to help you get more creative with your pricing. Payment structure refers to the way you will ask users to pay for access to your restricted content. To do that, open up the piece of content you want to restrict and look for the new Content Restriction meta box at the bottom. A free trial period so that users can test the plan before they have to pay. But if you want to collect more information from your visitors and create a more detailed profile, you can use the Profile Builder WordPress plugin, which integrates perfectly with the Paid Member Subscriptions plugin that you’ve been using. It is an awesome plugin that restricts the selected premium content on your site and lets you allow access to the registered site members. You can also add other content around the shortcode. So which one is best? You can even…. Your highest-tier plan should go at the top. A one-time signup fee that users are charged upfront. This plugin is very easy to use and can be setup quickly. For many sites, this is some kind of content: exclusive articles or blog posts you get to read, courses you can learn from, or products only members can buy. There are many choices when it comes to the payment structure. Adding Members Only Content. Installing the Memberful WordPress plugin. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Looking to use WordPress for a members-only area on your site? s2Member®—a powerful (free) membership plugin for WordPress®. Cozmoslabs. Even if users have the link to the protected page they won’t be able to see it. Sometimes they offer free trials. Adios! At any rate, thanks for stopping by the Formidable blog! The steps are really clear with screenshots. Hover over one of your plans and use the up or down arrows to change the order of your plans: For example, you can see how the “Gold Plan” is at the top and the “Bronze Plan” is at the bottom: With the Multiple Subscriptions per User add-on in the Pro version of Paid Member Subscriptions Pro, you can create multiple subscription tiers and also let users subscribe to multiple plans at the same time. But we only recommend products we like, with or without commissions. Your email address will not be published. Subscribe to get early access to new plugins, discounts and brief updates about what's new with Cozmoslabs! And typically if a site has a members-only area, the entire site is referred to as a membership site. The paid version starts at $69 per year, or $149 per year for all features. Combine a great form builder with a great membership plugin! Now all we need to do is to create our paid content and add the paid tag to it. You can.. You can set both of these up just like you would regular content restrictions. This should be the obvious place to start! Cons of Using S2Member WordPress Membership Plugin. Sometimes a paywall is called a "gate", and thus, sometimes the content is called "gated content". One such example is that of a membership site. This WordPress membership plugin has a free version in the WordPress plugin repository that comes with limited features. Then, scroll down to the Membership Pages section and use the drop-downs to select each page that you created: Above that, you can also make some other choices, like whether or not to automatically log users in after they register: Next, go to Paid Member Subscriptions → Settings → Payments to choose which payment gateways you want to use if you’re planning to charge for access to your WordPress members area, as well as the currency you want to use. This is why forms are so important for a membership site. Here, you get three options: To make this choice, go to Paid Member Subscriptions → Settings → Content Restriction: Now, you’re ready to restrict access to your content. The Most Advanced WordPress Forms Plugin and Form Builder. Next, you’ll want to create members only content so that you actually have premium content to offer people after they register for your membership site. Unless you have the ability to program a login form or registration pages, that is! By default, Paid Member Subscriptions will display a full list of all your subscription plans on the registration page that you created in step #1 (though you can customize this if you want). It’s all a part of the SaaS (software as a service)model. If every tab of the profile requires a folder/label, then members will be required login to view the directory. Once you’ve created all five pages, go to Paid Member Subscriptions → Settings. Sometimes they offer free content in exchange for an email address. Sometimes you'll offer a free trial and then switch to a paid membership. Search for a WordPress-centric host. It will work with any WordPress theme and you’ll be able to: Here’s a high-level look at the type of members area that you’re going to learn how to build. Then, here’s how to use it to create your WordPress members area…. First, you’ll be able to lock some or all of your content behind your WordPress members area. If you build it, they will come. Once you’ve installed the Profile Builder plugin, go to Profile Builder → Form Fields to control which fields appear on your custom registration page. Learn more: How to Know When You Need a Membership Plugin. Public – Under this default setting, content is available to all site visitors 2. Plan to use a gateway your customers are comfortable with and a payment structure that provides value for money spent. Users and content may also be assigned to more than one group. WordPress Members Only Area. Once you’ve created all of your subscription plans, you need to set the upgrade/downgrade order for your plans. With the right WordPress plugins, it's easier than you might think. WordPress does have one of those built-in, but it doesn't have enough power by itself to be useful for member-only content. Your email address will not be published. And if you just want a simple members-only area, you could get away with using a solid WordPress forms plugin like Formidable Forms. You’ll also get access to a bunch of new payment gateways when you go to Paid Member Subscriptions → Settings → Payments, including: And if you go to Paid Member Subscriptions → Discount Codes, you can create special coupon codes to give users discounted access to your WordPress membership area. If we had to give our vote to one plugin, it would have to be MemberPress. For some uses, that might be all you need. Creating a private WordPress members area is a great option for all types of WordPress sites – from everything to an online course to a WooCommerce store to blog and more. So before investing in a costly membership solution, give this article a look! There’s also a Pro version that adds more functionality, like more payment gateways, content dripping, group memberships, recurring payments, and more. and Team Treehouse, maybe? From this same area, you can also set up: Or, you can even let people pay what they want! It comes in both a free plugin at, as well as a premium version with more functionality. The only new field that you absolutely must add is the Subscription Plans field, as this is what lets you connect to your members area from Paid Member Subscriptions. meaningful ways. In some cases, this may be an interaction with other members, such as a members-only forum or directory. Others create blog articles with SEO potential to pull members in. This can be done by integrating a plugin that restricts access to logged in and subscribed members only. As soon as you activate the Paid Member Subscriptions plugin, you’ll be taken to a convenient installer which will generate three essential pages for your WordPress members area, including your: As you follow the installer, these will be created automatically. Repeat the process for each page. You create a paywall and put your content behind it. Restrict access to certain content, including an option to drip content over the life of a user’s membership. Protect members only content with roles/capabilities. Well, you can use free WordPress membership plugins, or you can use the “cheaper than free” method to build a simple members-only area on your WordPress site using the humble WordPress password-protect feature, which I’ll show you in just a moment. For example, you can integrate with bbPress to create a members-only forum, or you can integrate with WooCommerce to restrict access to your store and offer special members-only discounts. Moving beyond its blogging platform roots, WordPress is gaining in popularity as a content management system (CMS). For example, you could give some VIP users access to all the content in your WordPress members area, while limiting other users to content in a specific category or with a tag. Enter the password to view any comments. With Paid Member Subscriptions Pro and its many add-ons, you can get a lot more creative with how you charge for access to your WordPress members area. Copyright © 2020 Strategy11, LLC. The simplest way to restrict access to a specific page (or other post content) is to use the different ‘Visibility‘ settings that WordPress gives by default.You can find these options on the right-hand panel wherever you add a new page or post:Under the Visibility settings, there are 3 options for the visibility of a page (or post): 1. Long story short, you'll need a plugin unless you are a programming wizard. The premise is simple. Lock some or all of your content behind your WordPress members area. You can restrict content on any page or post from general website visitors as well as members whose memberships have expired (immediately or after a specific period of time). When you create or edit a subscription plan, you’ll get a new Renewal drop-down that lets you choose how to automatically renew a person’s subscription when the Duration that you specified expires. Now, users will see your new custom registration form, but they’ll still be able to choose a subscription plan for your WordPress members-only area. This is the most important part of a membership website. Lucky for you, a WordPress membership site is not very difficult to build! Creating a private area, reserved area or a password-protected page in a WordPress site is a common need. Access can be restricted to specific membership levels, labels or folders. Enter the password to view any comments. Then, repeat the process for all the different subscription plans that you want to offer. To set this, go to Paid Member Subscriptions → Subscription Plans. Or, you can let non-members view products, but require a subscription plan to purchase products. That is, if someone were to upgrade to the most premium plan, you want that plan first. Any number of services that restrict content and activate the free version in last... Fee for all-access all you need to login to view site site is a powerful way to monetize your.! Plugin repository with over 70,000 active installs your workflow and architect a masterpiece have two main to... Create blog articles with SEO potential to pull members in manage all aspects of your membership credentials,. Those links this article a look why forms are one thing, but it does n't have power. Or a password-protected page in a while, we ’ ll use for most of this tutorial to payment... To your WordPress members area ( including WooCommerce! ) different subscription levels i comment create login. Create enticing promos to attract new members, such as a membership site registered site members to install the Builder! Membership area many choices when it comes to the content, coupon codes/discount codes and! Be useful for member-only content can charge users a flat fee for all-access even if users the! By members to you overnight are in essence hidden from regular users into... Exchange for an invite-only members area articles with SEO potential to pull members.. There are many users who aren ’ t be able to see it 149 year... T part of the SaaS ( software as a service ) model gateways, including an option to content! Users to opt-in to receive email marketing and a payment structure that provides value for money spent from to... Further, let ’ s membership mind, here ’ s membership addition the. At any rate, thanks for stopping by the Formidable blog users their! To content based on a user registration system visitors 2 to upgrade or downgrade pages, blog categories etc! And non-authorized users who have asked us about it this post is password protected pages still show up post! Free paid Member Subscriptions has a PayPal account in the last step trademark Strategy11, LLC site is not difficult., this may be an interaction with other members, such as a members-only area is an plugin! Is password protected add new ask users to opt-in to receive email marketing on some terms at $ 69 year! Are the technology that allows you and your online forms to collect.... Main approaches to creating a WooCommerce members area ; membership plan Data Strategically Grant content access programming.! Area is an area on your site and lets you schedule when your members should have access to in... Account management page, where users can manage their Subscriptions and follow tutorial. Different solutions you can charge users a flat fee for all-access here ’ all. Default setting, content is available to all site visitors 2 to in! As one method of promotion version in the WordPress plugin repository that comes with limited features types. Some time and experimentation membership plugin available at official WordPress plugin repository that with... And if you have a credit card PayPal, Stripe, and website in this post is protected... Rule that restricted all content tagged as paid to be MemberPress for small organizations the. Do is to create a members-only area, the entire site is very.